Terminator: Genesis to Get Funky with Timelines


Terminator: Genesis to Get Funky with Timelines
Marty McFly's got nothing on this...

The latest rumours and speculation about the forthcoming Terminator flick, Genesis, is among the most interesting yet, with claims that the movie will play with the original's timeline, potentiallyBack to the Future II-ing classic scenes. Although we'd normally be a bit wary of this kind of tomfoolery, the fact that the flick is being helmed by Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor makes us think it has the potential to cast aside painful memories of the, shall we say questionable, instalments that followed James Cameron's glorious T2.

The theory on how it'll all come together comes from HitFix editor Drew McWeeny, and we're hoping he's not too far wide of the mark...

There’s a scene in the script where literally, we see the scene in the first Terminator where Arnold steps out, the punks threaten him, he rips Bill Paxton’s heart out and takes his clothes and wanders off. And as soon as that scene ends, another Arnold Schwarzenegger who’s older, and bearded and a very different version of the Terminator, comes walking in from the other side and plays another scene, right at the scene of that first incident.

Although there's serious potential for messiness there, there's also a good chance this could make for one of the most awesome spectacles in modern theatre (okay, maybe that's a touch hyperbolic, but we're EXCITED).

Given the fact that old Arnie is starting to get on in years and, despite taking great care of himself, doesn't really have the same physique he had in his 30s, it makes sense to try to explain why exactly we've got an aged looking T800 running (or hobbling) around.

Terminator: Genesis is set to hit theatres on July 1st of next year and, quite frankly, we can't wait.

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