That Gambit movie is still happening


That Gambit movie is still happening

The X-Men universe is still plugging away, with Apocalypse recently exploding a lot of things in cinema and some kind of rebooted timeline set for the future.

Those main movies have generally done decently at the box office but it wasn't until Deadpool that a spin off really landed with audiences, and arguably that's because it was a great antidote to the overblown blockbusters of today.

But Fox isn't about to stop milking the Marvel comic characters that they own, with another spin off in the works focussed on the character of Gambit. In fact, this project has been around for a few years now, with Channing Tatum cast in the main role as far back as 2015 and even appeared with other X-folk at Comic-con. Then director Rupert Wyatt left and things seemed to be falling part.

More than a year on and in the wake of the success of Deadpool things are moving again and the latest news suggests the film will shoot in early 2017. That's quite the delay, with work being done on the script in order to make it perfect, though audiences would likely settle for not-as-bad-as-Wolverine.

There's a little news here from Simon Kinberg:

One possibility is that the delay could give the film a chance to flip over into R-rated territory. Now there's nothing in Gambit's comic history to make that move particularly necessary but the creatives have been looking for a way to make this story stand out from the rest of the X-Men universe and that would do the trick.

Either way we won't be seeing Tatum as this Cajun mutant until at least 2018, and that's only if things actually get up and running this time.

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