That Voice in the Star Wars Trailer Isn't Benedict Cumberbatch


That Voice in the Star Wars Trailer Isn't Benedict Cumberbatch

Star Wars The Force Awakens debuted its first trailer on Black Friday, and everyone who wasn't out shopping was furiously writing about it.

The theories exploded about pretty much everything you can think of - from just who has that super-cool lightsabre to what how much of those oldies we're going to get to see in the film? Who's at the helm of the Falcon? Why are there still stormtroopers and what's the deal with that rolly-robot-thing?!

But without a doubt our biggest questions was about the opening voice over - is that Benedict Cumberbatch, we asked? And now we have an answer.

People have been investigating and it seems the mystery is solved - that's actually Mr Andy Serkis, though it has to be said he's definitelydoing his best Cumberbatch impression. We still don't know who exactly what his role will be but the folks at Hitflixhave found out that it will be pivitol but won't include that much screen time.

Listening back, you can definitely sense some of Serkis' sibilance and he's a good fit for this world with his special effects history. And the comment above might suggest that he'll have more to do in the sequels, perhaps Episode VIII which is already being prepped by the most wonderful Rian Johnson.

Only time will tell.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is coming in December 2015.

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