The Amazing Amy Book Cover You Didn't See in Gone Girl is Bloody Brilliant


The Amazing Amy Book Cover You Didn't See in Gone Girl is Bloody Brilliant

Gone Girl is now not only a very fun grown-up thriller thing but it also looks set to be one of David Fincher's most sucessful flicks of all time, with receipts already closing in on $140 million just over a week after release.

But more than that its really a film that people are latching onto. Articles are spilling out about its treatment of women, the twisty storyline and Fincher's approach which leaves a plethora of detail in the background for viewers to soak their brains in while trying to figure out how much more screwed up the whole thing is going to get.

One such detail is the Amazing Amy series of books. Rosamunde Pike's Amy provides the inspiration for these stories, and its a way in which her psychologist parents also not so subtly condemn her every life choice and action. The books aren't explored much in the film but they add another layer of detail to the world and several covers were judiciously illustrated by Krik Van Wormer and a bunch of them were released on iTunes recently.

One book cover which was definitely NOT part of that collection was just unveiled exclusively by HitFixand would probably be considered a spoiler for those who haven't seen the film.


[Although seriously is there anyone who hasn't read the book or seen the movie by by now!?]

Spoiler after the trailer.

That's pretty good stuff though. They really should have left that on a shelf in the movie somewhere. Who knows, maybe Fincher did!?

Gone Girl is in cinemas now. Here's what we thought.

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