The Blair Witch Project Honest Trailer- finding found footage


The Blair Witch Project Honest Trailer- finding found footage

So everyone is shouting about the Blair Witch Project sequel which was filmed in secret and releases in the States next week, neatly forgetting about the fact that the actual sequel Book of Shadows hit cinemas in 2000, just over a year after the original film.

Here's how that one looked. It was not great.

Anyway, people are losing their minds over the potential of the new sequel, which was developed under the title of The Woods before being revealed as a Blair Witch movie.

We're kind of skeptical about that and think there's still a good chance it was all just added after the fact, but the film is coming from Adam Wingard who has done great work on the likes of The Guest and You're Next in recent years so let's wait and see how it turns out.

It's a good time revisit the original 1999 film, so let's do it with some help from the Honest Trailers crew.

Eh, it's a pretty weak effort. A movie made on a micro budget like this with so little actual content is sort of difficult to really criticise, especially when a lot of the crappier elements were created on purpose to give it the feel of a student film. Those sticks are creepy though.

Blair Witch is out in Irish cinemas on the 15th of September, 2016.

The Blair Witch Project Honest Trailer- finding found footage on
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