The Conjuring 2 top at box office - Warcraft wins in China


The Conjuring 2 top at box office - Warcraft wins in China

The Conjuring 2 has just opened in the States and debuted to strong figures and excellent reviews, suggesting it's going to be a major player at the box office for weeks to come.

The horror film has a budget of around 40 million dollars (around double that of the first film) but had already earned in excess of 90 million worldwide. It has yet to open in a few key markets so there's still plenty of time to score more cash and it's sure to be a win for Warner Bros.

Director James Wan has a history of taking smaller films and notching up huge returns but he also did great business with the massively expensive Furious 7. His only failures to date have been Death Sentence and Dead Silence - and you've probably never even heard of them. It's all boding well for the filmmaker to take on Aquaman, also for Warners.

The other big news of the weekend was all about Warcraft, and it's positive for a change. The movie kicked off in China last week and has brought in 156 million in just 5 days. That makes it one of the most successful foreign features ever at the Chinese box office and brings it global total to a massive 286 million.

Top territories include Russia, France and Germany and the film still has the legs to stick around in foreign cinemas for a few more weeks. It's making a sequel more and more likely, despite earning just 24 million dollars in the US. Roll on more tales of Azeroth!

The Conjuring 2 top at box office - Warcraft wins in China on
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