The Conjurings James Wan to helm new McGyver show


The Conjurings James Wan to helm new McGyver show

Remember the 80s? Well they're back as we're getting a new McGyver TV show.

This news broke a while back as the project has been in the works in various forms for years. One constant has been director James Wan who almost helmed a feature back in 2012 and remained on as an Executive Producer for a proposed TV series.

In the wake of the massive success of The Conjuring 2, Wan is taking the plunge and will direct the pilot episode of the McGyver series. It already has a full series order at CBS to start in late 2016 so he's going to have to be quick, which shouldn't be a problem for the highly efficient filmmaker.

Lucas Til (Havok in the new X-Men timeline) is replacing Richard Dean Anderson in the role as a much younger MacGyver. A pilot was already shot which spawned this pretty cheesy trailer.

Right now we're feeling pretty glad its getting reshot. As for the chances of this show turning out to be good, well Wan is a great director even on a small budget so the pilot will no doubt look well but a lot of it is going to rely on the screen personality of the new leading man. We would start with a new haircut.

The biggest question remains - what will they do about the theme tune? You can't just remix something this iconic.

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