The cool title for Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine film revealed


The cool title for Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine film revealed

Hugh Jackman is coming to the end of his time playing the iconic character of Wolverine on the big screen. Back in 2000, the Australian actor stole the show in the very first X-Men movie and he's consistently the best part of this superhero universe almost 17 years later.

It's been a while since we heard any major news about this last movie, but Jackman himself has just revealed something pretty great, which is the official title for the new feature. Here you go.

That nice and simple, and gives an unusual focus on the man behind the claws who we've seen glimpses of in the past. It also suggests deep connections to the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics, which would be a great way for this version of the character to bow out.

The film is set to be directed by James Mangold who did a decent enough job with 2013's The Wolverine. We're hearing that this is going to be a very different picture - set in the future with an older Logan and an R-rating. It's more intimate and less involved with the X-Men ridiculousness, while also carving out time for a major appearance by Patrick Stewart and Charles Xavier.

Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant and Elizabeth Rodriguez are also appearing, and this is sounding like a fitting send off for one of the characters and players who helped to spawn the comic book movie blockbusters we know today.

Logan is set for release in March, 2017. Expect a trailer soon.

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