The Deadpool Movie With Ryan Reynolds Starts Shooting in March!


The Deadpool Movie With Ryan Reynolds Starts Shooting in March!

We've been reporting on it for awhile but it seems all the whispering if finally coming true - the Deadpool movie is definitely a real thing.

The latest report suggests the film is already prepping to shoot, and that Ryan Reynolds himelf will be on set as the merc with the mouth in March 2015. That's still pretty tight considering the film is supposed to be in cinemas in February 2016 but we're just going to have faith right now.

And that's not the easiest thing, for a number of reasons. For one, its the first feature Tim Miller has directed, he's coming from the world of VFX. That said, his test reel was a lot of fun, but it's a very different thing to create a 90 minute movie.

Then there's Reynolds, who has had a habit of choosing bad big budget releases, pretty much throughout his entire career - from Blade: Trinity to RIPD, via Green Lantern. He's had more luck with indie films and he's a strong and charasmatic performer but has his Hollywood luck just run out.

And then there's Deadpool, a self-aware character who is never likely to fit into a regular X-Men franchise flick without losing most of what is appealing. And you just know that this version is going to end up PG-13, annoying purists and delivering up a limp version of the character which non-fans won't really care for.

So I have my doubts, but hopefully Reynolds and Miller can get past all that to deliver up something genuinely fun.

Deadpool is in cinemas in February 2016.

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