The Do-Over red band trailer - Adam Sandler's least terrible film in years


The Do-Over red band trailer - Adam Sandler's least terrible film in years

Adam Sandler has a four-movie deal with Netflix, where a string of new titles debut exclusively on the platform.

It started last December with The Ridiculous 6 - a comedy Western thing that I could only stand to watch for precisely six minutes. Despite some of the worst reviews ever written about an Adam Sandler movie (which is saying something) the film went on to become the most watched flick on Netflix. According to Netflix.

A mere six months later and the second film is already set to debut on the 27th of May. It's called The Do-Over and there's a trailer with cursing for you right here.

Is the trailer better with cursing? Well it isn't worse... though there's a lack of content to really push the envelope here. Otherwise this looks like an utterly generic action comedy set up which would be more at home in the 90s - and most of that cast would be too.

Sandler sure is loyal to his buddies but David Spade is just an unlikeable screen presence, which may go against the film. And there's no one else worth getting excited about in the cast either. Speaking of loyalty, Sandler also threw this film to director Steven Brill, the helmer of such classics as Little Nicky, Without a Paddle and Drillbit Taylor.

If you're somehow still interested, The Do-Over is exclusively on Netflix on the 27th of May, 2016.

-Daniel Anderson.

The Do-Over red band trailer - Adam Sandler`s least terrible film in years on
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