The Exorcist TV show compels you


The Exorcist TV show compels you

Singular, chilling and sometimes a little bit too over the top, William Freidkin's The Exorcist is one of the most significant horror films ever made, and it's power has hardly dimmed in the more than 40 years since it was unleashed on audiences in 1973.

In case you're not familiar, get so with this trailer.

It's seriously freaky stuff, so obviously the best plan is to create a network TV show version which will spoil everything that was good about the original.

And so it comes to pass- Fox has ordered a pilot of The Exorcist TV show. It will draw from William Peter Blatty's 1971 novel which is all about what happens when a demon sets up residence inside a 12 year old girl. Presumably the intention would be to spend more time in setting up the possession, and perhaps flesh out the surrounding characters.

Part of the shock and awe of the original movie certainly has to do with the foul language and imagery which Friedkin used, much of which would be inaccessible in a network TV show. That said, horrow TV can get away with a surprising amount these days, so the freaky factor may be somewhat intact.

The bigger question of course is why remake something this seminal and it all comes down to appealing to audiences with a familiar brand. For the moment, work is just beginning on the pilot, so it may never see the light of day. Here's hoping.

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