The Expendables 3 R-rated Cut Coming to Home Video


The Expendables 3 R-rated Cut Coming to Home Video

So The Expendables 3 came and went in cinemas, clawing back around $200 million worldwide and actually providing me with more entertainment than I was expecting, mainly due to a nutty Antonio Banderas.

It was hardly a blockbuster, with the studio complaining that leaks ate into their profits and people generally being fairly indifferent to the whole affair. Maybe that was because the film was forced to edit out the violence for a PG-13 rating, a fact that will happily be rectified in the home video release.

Manly Movie has got a glimpse of the blu-ray box art which is labelled not only as the 'Extended Director's Cut' but also has a new subtitle - 'A Man's Job.' Apart from being a bit insulting to MMA ladyRonda Rousey - who kicks ass in the film and features in the cover art hidden right behind Sly - it doesn't really make that much sense as a subtitle.

Otherwise, we now know that the running time of this new cut is 132 minutes, that's a full 6 minutes longer than the original version. But don't despair, if this is also a version of the film which features edits all through, including putting back blood and gore and wonderful decapitations, then that could add up to a markedly different film. Or it could be a couple more dramatic scenes and some awful CG blood effects. Which is much more likely.

Either way, the release date is set fo December 8th 2014.

Here's the packshot.

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