The Expendables Becomes a TV Series - Who Could Star?!


The Expendables Becomes a TV Series - Who Could Star?!

I'm pretty much ok with the premise of The Expendables series - bring back some 80s and 90s oldies to kick ass on screen again in the hope of nostalgia dollar. My only real problem is that they're terrible action films, with not one ounce the fun or set piece factor of the films they're riffing off. Also, arthritic action isn't a genre I'm interested in.

But the movies are still making money, despite terrible decisions like making the third film PG-13, and there are two sequels on the way plus plans for a female-led spin-off. And now, the franchise is heading to TV.

Fox has put in an order for a script for an action-drama show called The Expendables. In this case, it would feature a team of... older folks going after a terrorist. Presumably, it would be made up of as many ageing, ass-kicky TV stars as they could find. Honestly they could pretty much mine the cast of the movies at this point, considering the state of their careers.

The project is still in the early stages so don't expect much more word for a couple of years at least. Sly Stallone is on board as an exec producer, and we wouldn't dismiss the notion that he could cameo, and writersGreg Coolidge,Shane Brennan, andKirk Ward are doing their typing thing right now.

Who could star? Truly standout TV action series are few and far between with the most immediate name being Kiefer Sutherland in 24, also a Fox property. Though Sutherland might be a little young at 48. The best action show on TV right now is undoubtedly Cinemaxx's Banshee, but Antony Starr is only 39. In terms of the oldies, you might consider Richard Dean Anderson (65), David Hasselhoff (62), Lee Majors (75) or Tom Selleck (70). I don't know if that list would have the same cache as the (supposed) appeal of the movie stars.

Could we have female cast members as well? Or some asian martial artists who might actually be able to wushu some ass? It all remains to be seen, and I wouldn't be surprised if we get at least one more cinematic outing before then. Maybe even some crossover nonsense!

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