The flame spewing guitar car in Mad Max Fury Road was called The Doof Wagon!


The flame spewing guitar car in Mad Max Fury Road was called The Doof Wagon!

We're not sure we were entirely prepared for the insanity which is Mad Max Fury Road but it's here, it's huge and it's utterly demented.

No image gets that across quite so well as the dude stapped to a car full of speakers, belching out flames and notes from an electric guitar and fuelling the fire of the army behind him. Right so, we've heard a fair amount about this character, including recent news that the guitar did actually work and the fellow in the costume tried to play actual music for 8 hours while wearing a gimp suit.

But we've got more, including a name for this insane vehicle.

It's called 'The Doof Wagon' and the guitarist is named Coma. This info comes from production designer Colin Gibson who had the task of making these cars not only look cool but also perform in the challenging conditions of the Namibian desert. And he's had some great words to spout on the wagon of Doof...

"The Doof Wagon. This is an army scavenging across the Wasteland for what’s left, fighting over the scraps, and every army needs a Little Drummer Boy. George imagined one bigger and louder than ever seen before, something raw and raucous to drive the troops on to glory or to death. So, the kid with a drum became Spinal Tap on wheels, a high-speed, high volume wailing rock concert hurtling across the bloodied terrain, Taiko drummers strapped to repurposed metal ducting beating a brutal rhythm for Coma the guitarist, blind and bungee-slung, before the last Marshall stack in existence in the moshpit at the end of the world."

He certainly has a way with words, and that gives you just a glimpse at the detailed world Miller has built up, with most of this information lingering in the background and adding texture rather than un-needed exposition.

Mad Max Fury Road is in cinemas now.

Read our full interview with Colin Gibson here.

The flame spewing guitar car in Mad Max Fury Road was called The Doof Wagon! on
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