The Girl with all the Gifts trailer - a good zombie movie?


The Girl with all the Gifts trailer - a good zombie movie?

Zombies have become old news in recent years. The shambling hordes have invaded our world like never before thanks to the populiarity of The Walking Dead and the genre has even managed to find relatively new outlets in the likes of iZombie and Warm Bodies.

On the big screen, things have started to get a little stale, which is what makes The Girl with all the Gifts really stand out from the pack. Here's the first trailer.

Firstly, kids don't often feature heavily in the zombie genre, mostly because the idea of them being undead is pretty horrifying. The idea of zombies being more placid has been done before, but rarely on a level where they are pretty much functioning members of society.

Another great advantage here is that it's not a hugely expensive and glossy American production - this is a British film through and through with a director who has worked on the likes of Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders and a strong casting including Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. Glenn Close is also there for some reason.

The world comes from the book of the same name by M.R. Carey and is about a fungal infection, making the victims something closer to the Clickers in The Last of Us. They're still clearly zombies though - ravenous, brainless, unstoppable - and that should add plenty of intensity to the film.

We've got a good feeling about this one.

The Girl with all the Gifts is set for release in September 2016.

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