The Guest Trailer Is Cheesy. Good Cheesy. Melted Cheesy.


The Guest Trailer Is Cheesy. Good Cheesy. Melted Cheesy.

The Guest would look like an awful pile of shite if it wasn’t for the fact that it looks really, confidently pacey. It got pace coming out the wazoo, or at least the trailer does. There’s the bit where he takes out a squad of riflemen armed with a laundry basket (and gun) and then later he beats up some children for good measure. They were jerk-kids though, if that helps…

From director Adam Wingard, who is responsible for the delightfully nuts You’re Next, comes an action thriller starring... THAT BLOKE FROM DOWNTON ABBEY?! Indeed, a newly hunkazoid-ed Dan Stevens is front and centre here, leaping through windows and generally putting the boot in at every opportunity. He’s helped by Maika Monroe (of The Bling Ring fame) Candice Patton (soon to be a love interest in The Flash) and The Wire’s Lance Reddick of all people.

Best of all, the plot summary suggests a taught psychodrama, wherein a soldier killed in action in Afghanistan asks his army buddy to drop in on his family and keep them safe. For reasons including whatever, the family suspect the titular guest isn’t who he says he is. Etc/Blah. And at no point whatsoever does this plot synopsis correlate to the ridiculous levels of badassitude on display in the trailer below.

So, in conclusion, colour me intrigued.

The Guest Trailer Is Cheesy. Good Cheesy. Melted Cheesy. on
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