The Hallow director isn't a fan of found footage


The Hallow director isn't a fan of found footage

Horror film The Hallow is in cinemas now and it's an impressively made film from first time feature director Corin Hardy. It's got great special effects and is gorgeous to look at, with sumptuous and scary visuals courtesy of cinematographer Martijn van Broekhuizen and Hardy's own sense of visual style.

That look is important to the writer/director, who grew up with classic horror films that were just as brilliantly filmed as they were terrifically scary. We got the chance to chat to Hardy recently and wondered what he thinks of the found footage genre, where the cheapness of the shoot is made to be a virtue and stylish or even clear visuals go out the window.

"Yea I’m personally not a big fan of it," said Hardy. "Like any trend that comes there was a time when it was really a new thing and it was 'wow – we can make films that can go into the cinema and we can do it on cheap formats.' And that’s brilliant and thrilling, particularly what they did originally with the Blair Witch Project. It’s empowering to think you can just use a digital camera or an iPhone or something."

That's a good point, with these kinds of films opening up the world of filmmaking to people who are on a tiny budget. But that doesn't mean that everyone is interested in it: "So it was great but not so much for me. I’m more of a fan of classic cinema that looks and sounds and satisfies well. And I just wanted to try and make something which was as close to what I grew up watching and wanted to see at the cinema. Which is an experience which takes you away from your own mundane life [laughs]! And pulls you into a story that’s cinematic..."

Well he's certainly crafted something very cinematic indeed with his first theatrical feature, and he's got a remake of The Crow on the horizon which will give him a lot more budget to play with.

The Hallow is in cinemas now.

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