The Host gets an action packed trailer


The Host gets an action packed trailer
The alien infested future looks shiny
The Host shows off its shiny in a new trailer.

If you thought you’d seen the last of StephenieMeyer, the chick behind the massively successful Twilight series, then think again. She’s back with an all new book adaptation in the form of The Host.

It’s the story of a future Earth where most of the population has been taken over by ‘souls’ - essentially alien entities who wander the galaxy and have dominated countless other species in their journey of conquest.

One such soul, Wanderer, is implanted in the body of a young woman called Melanie (Saoirse Ronan). Normally, the hosts mind is totally subsumed by the process but things are complicated in this case by the fact that the girl was a headstrong member of the remaining human resistance and Wanderer has been tasked with tracking down those few survivors. Using the memory of a former love, Wanderer closes in on the humans but will she be able to retain control of her new body?

It’s an interesting enough sci-fi premise, and the film also earns points for its choice of director and cast. Andrew Niccol may stumbled with 2011s In Time but his 1997 directorial debut Gattaca remains one of the best sci-fi flicks of the last couple of decades, while he’s also worked on The Truman Show. His contemplative take on the genre should make for a more interesting adaptation.

The Host also sees Irish actress Saoirse Ronan landing another high profile leading role. The 18 year old is easily one of the finest young actresses working today, and will certainly bring more commitment and talent than Meyer’s last leading lady.

Today, we’ve got an all new trailer for The Host which shows off just how shiny the aliens like all of their technology. At least its not glittering vampires…

The aesthetic certainly looks interesting and there’s more than a hint of some extended action moments, even if everything looks a little cleaner than I would have expected from the book. I’m cautiously optimistic right now.

The Host also stars Max Irons, William Hurt and Diane Kruger and is in cinemas from the 22nd of March.

The Host gets an action packed trailer on
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