The Incredibles 2 is being written right now - best news ever!


The Incredibles 2 is being written right now - best news ever!

The Incredibles is without a doubt Pixar's best film. The company has produced many classics but Brad Bird's 2004 feature trumps them all in terms of its wonderful story and characters and the emotionally core running through this tale of a family who just happens to have superpowers.

Amazingly, it's been 11 years since the film was released in cinemas, and that's a long time to make audiences wait. Happily, that wait might be over original writer and director Brad Bird has just admitted he's starting work on the script for the sequel.

Bird is out doing the interview rounds for his upcoming Disney movie Tomorrowland and was asked about The Incredibles 2 - particularly what was happening since Disney announced last year that it was definitely on the cards. The filmmaker went so far as to admit that the idea was 'percolating' with him and that he was only now putting pen to paper on the script.

It's great to hear that we're going to get to see these characters again but we may have a long wait in store. Tomorrowland doesn't release until May 2015 and Bird will be caught up with press rounds for a few weeks after that. and he's attached to mystery thriller 1906 after that as director. When you consider the fact that major CG animated films take at least 3 years to make, we'll be lucky to see the Parr family back on screen before 2020.

But we're still absolutely confident it will be worth the wait.

Tomorrowland is in cinemas in May 2015.

The Incredibles 2 is being written right now - best news ever! on
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