The Iron Giant is getting an in depth making of documentary


The Iron Giant is getting an in depth making of documentary

The Iron Giant is a film that a great many people seem to love but one that somehow totally bomed at the box office.

Released on a budget of around $80 million in 1999, the film went on to gross just over $30 million worldwide, despite being acclaimed by audiences and critics. It just seemed to be botched on release by Warner Bros. with a marketing campaign that painted it as something altogether lighter and more action packed.

Well thank the stars for home video as The Iron Giant has picked up a real following in other formats, so much so that a remastered version was released in select cinemas last year and will now be making its way to blu-ray and DVD. And it's also getting a feature lengthed making of called The Giant's Dream which goes into the mad spirit behind the film.

This was a man outside the system creating a film that deserved to be a blockbuster. It just doesn't make sense that Warner Bros spent so much time making the picture and then didn't have any idea how to market it.

The Signature Edition of The Iron Giant is coming out in the States in September and there's also a collectors set with some really cool extras. The Collector's Edition seems to be coming out in these waters in October and cost around €60.

The Iron Giant is getting an in depth making of documentary on
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