The Legend of Tarzan final trailer is all action


The Legend of Tarzan final trailer is all action

The latest, and final, trailer for The Legend of Tarzan is here. Check it out below.

Honestly I haven't really known what to make of this new Tarzan film over the last few months - the trailers couldn't seem to decide on whether there selling the familar origin story or building up some kind of epic romance.

Based on this final trailer, it seems like it's neither of those things, instead delivering an all out action/adventure film with a run of set pieces and a much larger scale than many might have expected.

With a couple of weeks left til release there's still time to get that message out to people, provided they've finally settled on a tone. There are a few alarm bells too, especially given the rumoured $180 million pricetag of the film. That's a lot to recoup without a major star, and I'm not sure people will turn up for Harry Potter director David Yates. There's also a lot of CG here that wants to be photorealistic but isn't quite winning that battle yet.

We'll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

The Legend of Tarzan is in Irish cinemas on the 6th of July, 2016.

- Daniel Anderson

The Legend of Tarzan final trailer is all action on
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