The Martian trailer - Matt Damon's lost in space


The Martian trailer - Matt Damon's lost in space

In The Martian, Matt Damon gets left on the moon by the very careless Jessica Chastain. Oops.

So there's nothing to do but survive the only way he knows how. SCIENCE!

Damon plays a botanist on the first manned trip to Mars in this adaptation of Andy Weir's dense and detailed book of the same name. It's a Ridley Scott film so you know its going to be very pretty and it's attracted a pretty nice cast, including two folks who previously starred in Interstellar together - Damon and Chastain.

Arguably, it's been a long time since Scott directed anything of worth so maybe this will be a return to form. Or it'll be a surprisingly dull film about an utterly terrifying event.


The Martian is set for relese in November 2015.

The Martian trailer - Matt Damon`s lost in space on
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