The Poltergeist Remake Will Be PG-13 - To The Surprise of No One


The Poltergeist Remake Will Be PG-13 - To The Surprise of No One

In 2015, the Poltergeist is coming back.

You may already be aware that there's a new version of Poltergeist on the way, with the project going through a ridiculous list of delays and directors over the years. Finally, Brit helmer Gil Kenan came on board - he's the chap behind Monster House and the likeable City of Ember - and his version is already in the can.

In fact, its so close to being ready that the film has already been viewed and rated by the MPAA in the States. And their verdict is that it should be PG-13 for elements including: "intense frightening sequences, brief suggestive material, and some language."

Sometimes a lower rating can be a frustrating thing for horror fans but in this case its actually kind of interesting as the 1982 original, ostensibly directed by Tobe Hooper, bore only a PG rating. Which is frankly incredible when you take the time to remember that it not only has a killer clown thing in it but also a scene where a character LITERALLY CLAWS THEIR OWN FACE OFF...


Obviously that movie would be rated R today, and the myth remains that it was only the pull of Senor Spielberg which got it passed with a lower rating previously.

As for the 2015 version, Kenan has a decent cast including Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt for a 'revisionist' take on the original story, where things go bump in the night and the Bowen family try to bump back.

Potergeist has a release date of July 2015.

The Poltergeist Remake Will Be PG-13 - To The Surprise of No One on
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