The Purge 3 is Coming


The Purge 3 is Coming

The Purge was a fun little horror number with an interesting near future setting that gave the world license to break any law for one night a year.That's a great set-up and it was exploited to its fullest extent in recent sequel The Purge: Anarchy. And it looks like there's more on the way.

The Purge 3 is definitely on the way, and writer/director James DeMonaco will return. It's unusual to see a filmmaker stick with a series for an entire trilogy, especially one this low budget, but it seems Blumhouse Pictures know a good thing when they see one. The two films have gross over $200 million already on a combined budget of less than $12 million. That's good maths.

There's no specific word on a plotline yet but anyone who has seen Anarchy will proabably have some ideas. The world seems to be getting larger with every entry and the genre has been changed up quite a bit as well. Going by this formula I would expect something even bigger and closer to a pure bred action film for the finale.

And who knows, maybe there are plans beyond even a trilogy of terror.

The Purge: Anarchy is on DVD and blu-ray from the 9th of November 2014.

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