The Purge 3 trailer - Purging goes global


The Purge 3 trailer - Purging goes global

From humble beginnings The Purge series has managed to become a new name in horror.

Started in 2013, a big part of the success of the series so far has been the hook of an alternative USA and a special night when murder is legal for 12 hours. And also the not insignificant fact that these Blumhouse productions have kept the budgets really low, as litlte as 3 million dollars for the first outing.

For the third film, the scale is certainly that little bit bigger, continuing the more action packed elements which worked well in Anarchy, and there's even more of a political edge this time. Frank Grillo is also back, which we're happy to see.

Check out the most recent trailer for Election Year.

This trailer actually contains fewer spoilers than the last promo, which is a strange turn of events but still welcome. New information this time includes the mention of 'murder tourists' which is a solid idea within this fiction. Let's hope there are some reveals left for when the film is actually out.

The Purge Election Year is out in July, 2016.

The Purge 3 trailer - Purging goes global on
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