The Raid 2 Director Thinks It's Important to Support Subtitled Action Films in Cinemas


The Raid 2 Director Thinks It's Important to Support Subtitled Action Films in Cinemas
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The Raid 2 is out in cinemas and it's pulling in reasonable enough figures - particularly in the UK where its tracking to be the biggest foreign language movie of the year.

The opening weekend results in the US were less promising, with less than $1 million at almost 1,000 locations. That's less per screen than the debut of The Raid in 2012 and bodes ill for its chance at expanding to more screens in the future.

When we talked to The Raid 2 director Gareth Evans recently, we started by asking whether he hoped the strong review for the film would result in a better box office result, especially in the US. And he replied with a focus on genre.

"I’m hoping people go out and support the film. It’s important for the genre as well that it gets supported,"says the 21 year old Welshman. "Because I remember being a kid and trying to watch martial arts films and it was only on VHS and you could only see it at home on a video that was pan and scanned and dubbed. And now we have so much availability today."

Action fans in particular have been poorly served in recent years, with strong examples of the genre from the other side of the world rarely making it into theatres in the West. For The Raid 2, Evans hopes "it will go out and that it will be supported and prove to the exhibitors that these films work, that they can play to an audienceregardless of the fact they’re subtitled."

It would seem that the action label alone isn't enough to draw in crowds for a subtitled film, at least in the US. Let's hope the film turns a big enough profit elsewhere to give him room to continue making ridiculously entertaining genre efforts for everyone.

The Raid 2 is in cinemas now.

The Raid 2 Director Thinks It`s Important to Support Subtitled Action Films in Cinemas on
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