The Raid 2's Most Overlooked Fight Scene


The Raid 2's Most Overlooked Fight Scene
To celebrate the impending Blu Ray release

While The Raid 2: Berandal won’t hit our Blu-Ray shelves until August 11th, it’s on sale over at from July 14th. And to celebrate the release of the year’s most violent spectacle, I thought I’d cast my mind back to one of the many, many fight scenes that littered Gareth Evans’ latest.

And it keeps returning to the one below. Commonly regarded as ‘the warm-up’, it’s a common sequence wherein the plucky protagonist demonstrates his resolve and prowess by dispatching waves of fodder-foes in increasingly inventive and brutal methods. An odd choice, I’ll grant you, but for me, the garage fight was more symbolic than usual. Narratively, it represented a visceral unchaining, but the meta-tale parallels this as right here the Raid 2 truly, finally kicked itself up the arse!

Co-choreographer and star, Iko Uwais’ Rama isn’t in that much trouble here, handily dispatching a solid dozen before heading on to the utility wielding sub-bosses. But it’s the energy he brings to this bloodletting that most grabbed me – Rama pulls approximately zero punches here.

It’s pretty righteous. Check it out.

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