The Raid Director Gareth Evans is Pissed That His Indonesian Crew Can't Win Local Film Awards


The Raid Director Gareth Evans is Pissed That His Indonesian Crew Can't Win Local Film Awards
Evans speaks out!

Welsh director Gareth Evans is back for action sequel The Raid 2 and while he's incredibly proud of the work his Indonesian team does, he doesn't think they get the recognition they deserve in their home country.

In a recent interview, we asked the filmmaker about whether his movies are also partly an advertisement for the quality of the behind the camera crews in Indonesia. And his answer was a little complicated.

"I love my crew so much and they work so fucking hard on these films, and the reality is it’s a full on Indonesian crew. Me and my DoP [Matt Flannery] are the only ‘white boys’ involved in the production. And so for my crew, I’m so proud of their work all the time that it kind of pains me sometimes because there are these awards that happen every year in Indonesia. And they’re not eligible purely because I’m the foreigner."

The Indonesian Film Festival has been held on and off since 1955 and every year since 2004 - showcasing local productions and also giving out awards in a number of categories. But because Evans is the writer/director and not from the country, his films are inelibigle.

"But the film is Indonesian," continues Evans,"...99 percent of the fucking crew is Indonesian but they never get the recognition they deserve. And I feel like what they’re achieving is a game changer for the industry there. So hopefully we will see more productions come over there, because there’s some beautiful places there, some amazing locations to use."

So when you head out to see The Raid 2 in cinemas, spare a thought for the hard working crew behind a film that's a blockbuster by local standards and something which could help to revolutionise their film industry.

Read our full interview with Gareth Evans here.

The Raid 2 is in cinemas from the 11th of April 2014.

The Raid Director Gareth Evans is Pissed That His Indonesian Crew Can`t Win Local Film Awards on
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