The Raid Internet Trailer is the best thing you'll watch this weekend


The Raid Internet Trailer is the best thing you'll watch this weekend
IGN, lucky buggers that they are, recently released this 80 second trailer for THE RAID 2: BERANDAL.

And rather than gushing over the action, its quality, quantity, innovation and imagination, I figured just to mix things up, I’d focus on the cinematography. Coz that’s what the trailer is doing.

It’s easy to get… distracted from the fact that Gareth Evans knows his way around a camera. The man can put together a nice shot. And yes, sometimes this is subtle, accommodating the action without intruding. And sometimes he relies, quite rightly, on Indonesia’s diverse colour pallet - from leafy, lush, verdant fields to the grain and grey of urban decay. But sometimes the man challenges the very preconceptions of how you shoot dynamically, bending over backwards to accommodate long-shots and only cutting when it provides a more descriptive view. Best of all this is, for the most part, done authentically, with real cameramen risking real injury.

Basically, its tasty stuff and you can gorge yourself when THE RAID 2: BERANDAL hits theatres on April 11th

The Raid Internet Trailer is the best thing you`ll watch this weekend on
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