The Raid US Remake Delayed - Probably For the Best!


The Raid US Remake Delayed - Probably For the Best!

Ever since The Raid made its splashy debut in 2012, there has been talk of an American remake. Original director Gareth Evans was involved as an exec producer, the choreography team from Indonesia were supposed to be helping out and even a director was assigned in late 2013 in the form of The Expendable 3's Patrick Hughes.

It's been a slow process, and its about to get slower. Variety is reporting that production on The Raid has halted, with a proposed September shoot date pushed into 2015.

They're only speculating on why this might have happened but one possibility is that the search for a star isn't going so well. The article suggests that names like Luke Evans Anthony Mackie, Ethan Hawke and (our pick) Frank Grillo are being sought for the film but that no one actually has a contract yet.

We're all for a delay if it means the film gets the kind of attention it deserves but honestly we're still not entirely sure what the point of a remake would be. The original is right there, on DVD, blu-ray and Netflix just waiting to be experienced. And it's very, very, VERY good.

Patrick Hughes will still direct the remake of The Raid, and it might arrive in cinemas before the end of 2015. But probably not.

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