The real Edward Snowden will make a cameo in Snowden


The real Edward Snowden will make a cameo in Snowden

Edward Snowden, the man who exposed the activities of agencies of the US government, not only endorsed the film about what he did, but makes an appearance in it.

Director Oliver Stone, and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley were part of a Hall H panel at Comic Con and were joined by Snowden himself via Google Hangouts. It was revealed that the real Snowden will make an appearance in a scene at the end of the film.

Snowden praised the performances of the cast and crew, and spoke about the tone and approach that the film takes. "I don't think there's a lot of fictionalization in the film," Snowden said. "There's a lot of composition. In my career I was bouncing around from city to city a lot — I was literally all over the map. So to create living characters you can recognize, you have to make one person out of five people. But in terms of the issues, it was pretty accurate."

Of course, there are some things that may never be known for sure. For example, it’s unclear how Snowden smuggled the NSA files, which he copied onto a SIM card, out of the high-security location in Hawaii. But the movie has a take on the great escape – don’t read on if you want to keep that mystery alive until you see the film.

In the movie, Edward Snowden hides the SIM card in a Rubik’s Cube. He hands this to a security guard, asking them if they’ve ever played with one. And in doing so he manages to bypass the security scanner. Oliver Stone highlighted that Snowden himself presented them with this idea.

Snowden will be released in the US on September 16 and is in the process of lining up international release dates.

The real Edward Snowden will make a cameo in Snowden on
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