The Revenant running time revealed - a long journey


The Revenant running time revealed - a long journey

The Revenant is coming, and we now know how long the new opus from Alejandro G. Iñárritu will be.

Reports say that the film will run for 156 minutes when it opens in late 2015 in the States and early 2016 in Ireland and the UK. That's a little on the lengthy side, pushing close to three hours when you factor in getting settled in your seats and braving those ads and trailers.

But we're also totally ok with a longer running time because there's a lot to get through in the story of fur trapper Hugh Glass (Leonardo diCaprio) who is on an expedition with a group of men and comes up against a bear and is brutally mauled. Presumed dead, he's buried and abandoned by people he thought were his friends. But Glass doesn't go down so easily, and vows terrible vengeance on those who left him behind - which is where the title comes from, referring to a spirit which returns from beyond the grave. And isn't happy about it.

And it's actually based on a true story - with the real-life Glass who lived from around 1780-1833 in the wilds of the American West. This version of the story comes from Michael Punke's 2002 novel of the same name and was adapted by Mark L Smith, who wrote The Hole.

DiCaprio is joined on screen by Tom Hardy, Will Poulter and our own Domhnall Gleeson for a production which shot only using available light and ran into some extreme conditions in the icy wastes of British Columbia. Some crewmembers couldn't take the conditions and left, while the production budget ended up more than doubling from $60 million to over $135 million, according to reports.

Coming off the success of Birdman, Iñárritu has the cache to sustain that kind of budget, especially if the film proves to be even a moderate hit and we're also hoping for some Oscar glory for DiCaprio, after so many years of being nominated.

The Revenant lands first in the States on the 25th of December and will be in cinemas in Ireland on the 15th of January 2016.

The Revenant running time revealed - a long journey on
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