The Rock could be The Wolf Man


The Rock could be The Wolf Man

In case you missed the news Universal Pictures is bringing back some classic monster movies in the hopes of building a new connected universe. So the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy would be in the same world and could even team up for some reason in the future to sell more toys.

The first film in this saga was supposed to be Dracula Untold but that failed to set the box office alight to things are being rebooted with a new Mummy movie with Tom Cruise in a pivotal role. Johnny Depp is The Invisible Man and we've heard Russell Crowe could be playing Dr Jekyll and now there's another huge name in the mix.

Deadline has a mention of the possibility of The Rock being courted for The Wolf Man. It's a minor bit in a piece that's otherwise about how busy the star is (and he's really, really busy) but it suggests that there are 'persistant rumours.'

So it's nothing but a rumour for the moment but Universal is certainly looking to get huge talent involved with these films. It remains to be seen if that's a winning strategy as The Mummy won't release until 2018 and given how these things progress a Wolf Man flick likely wouldn't arrive until at least 2020 or later.

Let's see how the first one does, shall we folks?

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