The Rock is definitely in Jumanji remake


The Rock is definitely in Jumanji remake

The Rock is just an all round titan of terrificness.

After a football career and stupendous success as a wrestler, he thought he'd turn his attention to the big screen and has pretty much been rescuing franchises and being utterly amiable and awesome ever since.

He also seems to be one of the most hard working people around, and we don't just mean in the gym. 43 year old Dwayne Johnson already has comedy Central Intelligence and Disney's Moana set for this year, as well as a Batwatch revival, Fast and Furious 8 and video game adaptation Rampage set for 2017. And now he's adding another classic property into the mix.

Rumours broke last week that the star would be heading up a new take on Jumanji, and now he has confirmed.

Mr Rock is very aware of the love people have for the property and swears to 'not screw the whole damn thing up' and we've got a lot of confidence in him and his team, who are already hard at work 'edging up' the script. We have no idea what that means.

The other rumour was that Johnson would reteam with his Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart for Jumanji and that has yet to be confirmed. The film does have a release date though - July 2016.

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