The Trolls movie is real - here's a trailer


The Trolls movie is real - here's a trailer

For some reason, the studio behind animated hits like Shrek paid actual money to pick up the Trolls property - that's right the little plastic things with the big hair which littered bedrooms everywhere in the 90s.

It's a big budget animated musical with an impressive cast led by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, he's also writing the songs. They've got some serious pipes and the rest of the voice cast includes James Corden, Russell Brand and Gwen Stefani. And just in case you thought this was a joke, here's the first teaser trailer.

Ok so there isn't a whole lot to go on here, not even much in the way of singing, but it doesn't look all that inspiring as yet. Well apart from the suggestion that some monster is actually going to be eating these cute little things, which is a whole lot darker than we were expecting. The biggest issue is that we just can't see anyone being excited about the idea of seeing the Trolls coming to life on the big screen, the fad is so far in the past that it's practically prehistoric.

Still, time will tell.

Trolls is in cinemas in November 2016.

The Trolls movie is real - here`s a trailer on
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