The ultimate RoboCop documentary hits Kickstarter


The ultimate RoboCop documentary hits Kickstarter

RoboCop is one of the best films of the 80s.

That's a statement which I fully stand by. Almost 30 years after the film arrived in cinemas, it remains unmatched in its combination of action, comedy, satire and ridiculous blood-letting.

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven's first American feature was an absolute triumph, making us all the more sad that he's totally retreated from large scale filmmaking.

We may never see another film like it which is all the more reason to celebrate the original. And you can do that in rare style with a new Kickstarter project which aims to create the most comprehensive documentary about RoboCop ever filmed.

Say hello to RoboDoc.

More than 30 cast and crew are already on board, including star Nancy Allen, Verhoeven himself as well as writer Ed Neumeier - who is also a creative consultant for the project.

You might think an hour long doc would be interesting enough but the team here has previously worked on projects for Hellraiser and Fright Night with running times of nine hours and six hours respectively, so you can expect a whole lot more chatting.

The intention is to dive into the other two movies in the series as well, hopefully we'll get to hear a little about how the horrible third entry was made.

The campaign is looking for £20,000 and with 28 days to go they're already more than halfway there. Rewards include cool posters, limited box sets and t-shirts and of course you'll get the film itself when its done in April 2017.

More info over here.

The ultimate RoboCop documentary hits Kickstarter on
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