The Wolverine 2 Starts Shooting Early 2016


The Wolverine 2 Starts Shooting Early 2016

2013's The Wolverine has the dubious honour of not being the worst standalone feature for everyone's favourite X-Man but it was hardly the height of filmed entertainment.

Still, the $120 million flick earned over $400 million at the box office and, far more importantly, Fox has finally committed to creating a world of spinoffs, with Deadpool and Gambit solo movies on the way, plus larger concerns like X-Men Apocalypse. They're looking for that Marvel formula of a cinematic universe and with the enduring popularity of Hugh Jackman's Logan it's really the most obvious character to persist with.

As an aside - isn't there a chance that Wolverine just doesn't work solo? Jackman's character (for it really is his) is almost always the best thing in a wider X-Men story but on his own it just seems like no one is sure what to do with him. He's a brawler with a messed up past and numerous reasons for vengeance, shouldn't it be easy to knock that formula out of the park?!

Well they're going to take another crack at it anyway, with The Wolverine director James Mangold back in the chair for an already date 2017 sequel. Fox has never done a great job of connecting its numerous films so it's currently unknown how this will fit into the wider X universe, expect that Patrick Stewart hinted recently that it could see Wolverine teaming up with Professor X for some reason.

Is that in the happy-joy-joy timeline which appeared after Days of Future Past, given that it was mentioned by Stewart himself? Or set in the wake of X3 when the baldy one returned from the dead for some reason? Will any other characters make an appearance? In short I have absolutely no idea, and I'm willing to bet Fox doesn't at this point either.

The only news we have is that the film has a release date and Mangold himself has confirmed on Twitter that it will start shooting in early 2016.

That's good to hear at least, and gives Jackman a year to get back into the frankly ridiculous shape required for his version of Wolverine. He'll be 47 by the time they start shooting!

The Wolverine 2 - Third Time's the Charm is set for release in March 2017.

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