The young Han Solo movie might have a young Lando too


The young Han Solo movie might have a young Lando too

Not so many years back if you told fans a solo Han Solo (hah!) movie was in the works they would have been up in arms but after the success of The Force Awakens and the rock solid release pattern crafted by Disney and Lucasfilm it's now starting to sound seriously exciting.

The film is being developed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the folks behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street who seemingly can do no wrong despite how ridiculous the set up is. They've cast 26 year old Alden Ehrenreich in the part which is around 10 years younger than Ford was in A New Hope, which makes sense for events taking place midway between episodes three and four.

Now we're hearing that another familiar character might be turning up in the form of Lando Calrissian. As one of Solo's most well known 'friends' this isn't much of a surprise but it does mean another search for someone to replace an iconic performer, this time Billy Dee Williams.

The Wrap broke the news on this potential appearance and now there's a rumour that Donald Glover could be taking on the role. It's not a bad choice but Glover feels a little too high profile for the role, especially when Ehrenreich as Solo is considerably less famous.

More as we get it. Han Solo A Star Wars Story is in cinemas in May, 2016.

The young Han Solo movie might have a young Lando too on
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