The Young Offenders is the biggest Irish film of the year!


The Young Offenders is the biggest Irish film of the year!

The Young Offenders is an hilarious new Irish comedy which just arrived in cinemas last Friday, and it seems audiences turned out in droves to see it.

The film pulled down €202,000 around the country including previews last weekend. That currently puts it ahead of heavy hitters Blair Witch and The Infiltrator and just behind Bridget Jones's Baby. It's also the biggest opening weekend for an Irish film in 2016 so far.

That's great new for the high energy comedy which is about two young eejits from Cork (Chris Walley and Alex Murphy) who go on a road trip to track down a bale of cocaine - based on the real-life seizure of €440 million worth of the stuff off the coast of Ireland in 2007.

Patrick O’Neill MD of Wildcard Distribution said: “We’re absolutely delighted that audiences have embraced The Young Offenders so enthusiastically. It’s been a brilliant year for Irish film so for The Young Offenders to have the highest opening is a huge achievement. Congratulations to Peter and all the team behind the film who worked so hard on creating something really special.”

The film will also be seen at festivals in Texas and London soon.

The Young Offenders is the biggest Irish film of the year! on
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