The Young Offenders review- Irish comedy antics


The Young Offenders review- Irish comedy antics

Two lads from Cork go on a road trip to track down some misplaced cocaine.

The Young Offenders is just a riot of a time, right from the high energy opening credits to the batty action packed finale.

A lot of that comes from Republic of Telly veteran Peter Foott’s cracking script that’s full of choice quips and eccentric scenes, as well as a collection of on form supporting players including Hilary Rose and P.J. Gallagher.

But the real standouts are young Chris Walley and Alex Murphy as the lads themselves, Jock and Conor respectively.

They’re not the sharpest pencils in the box but that’s as much about being young and restless as lacking in IQ points. There’s a deep affection for this youthful period in the film, a sense of nostalgia about the stupid stuff we get up to as kids.

Walley and Murphy have great chemistry on screen, bouncing off eachother in a way that’s frequently profane but also close and caring. They’re best friends and the scrapes they get into are just on the zany side of believable.

The Cork-isms might be a little dense for an International audience but this feels very much aimed at locals and also has huge potential for that rare breakout hit which also attains a cultish following with endlessly quotable one liners.

It doesn’t hurt that there are some gorgeous drone shots of the Rebel County (the Irish Tourist Board will be proud) and punchy animations to keep the energy levels up as the journey continues across the land.

The spastic comedy might a little too broad for some viewers and the ending antics are pretty over the top but The Young Offenders raised a lot of chuckles from my cynical old brain.

-Daniel Anderson

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