There's a Hard Target 2 with no JCVD!


There's a Hard Target 2 with no JCVD!

We've got a bit of a soft spot for 1993s Hard Target, for a whole host of reasons including Jean-Claude Van Damme's effort free 'acting' and some lovely high kicks. Really it's all about John Woo, who followed up Hong Kong hit Hard Boiled with his first American feature, and it was a bit of a corker if you're into that sort of thing.

It's been a long time since Hard Target and we certainly were never expecting a sequel but here it is anyway.

Behold - Hard Target 2!

Yea so this has nothing to do with the original film, instead just borrowing the name and the setup as a bit of a shorthand and maybe to nab some extra viewers.

And we're just fine with that, particularly as its headed up by Scott Adkins, one of the most talented action performers around. The Englishman has popped up in mainstream films like The Brothers Grimsby and Zero Dark Thirty but is better known for a string of straight to video action flicks.

He's got some backup from Lance Henriksen stand in Robert Knepper and Rhona Mitra and it all looks like a bit of fun. There's no release date listed but it's going to be on home video soon.

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