There's a Krypton TV Series Coming - The Prequel to Superman


There's a Krypton TV Series Coming - The Prequel to Superman

According to Gotham, we want to find out what happened before superheroes were superheroes (we really don't) so why not check out what was going on before SUPERMAN WAS EVEN BORN?!

That's the hook for Krypton, a new TV series which will show us the titular alien world during the time of Kal-El's grandfather and trace the trials and tribulations of his family.

Frequent DC writer David S Goyer is part of the set-up for the show, which will actually be written by Ian Goldberg (Once Upon a Time). In this series, the house of El is facing a time when it was being shunned, and Superman's grandpappy brings them back to forefront of Kryptonian society.

What is this for exactly? Is the history of a planet which was destroyed and really had little formative impact on Superman really interesting to people? Will they be interested in a bunch of dudes who don't have any powers being political and stuff?

It's hard to know right now but it seems like an effort that could be a disaster for Warner Bros and DC, right when they're gearing up for theatrical domination with their slate of releases. But it does provide another hook to hang their widening universe on.

Expect more news on Krypton in 2015.

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