There's a new Alien trilogy on the way


There's a new Alien trilogy on the way

Director Ridley Scott just can't keep his mouth shut these days.

The filmmaker has been flapping his yap about everything from Blade Runner to his upcoming Alien prequel in recent weeks, and he isn't about to stop. He was in Australia for some chats ahead of the start of shooting on Alien Covenant and dropped the fact that it's the first of a new trilogy.

"There’ll be another one and then another one. They'll gradually drive into the back entrance of the 1979 film."

Inelegantly put perhaps but he sounds pretty clear on the particulars, and even knows that he's going to shoot all three films in Australia. That's a lot of foward planning, and maybe a bit of a nightmare for the screenwriters who have to somehow film at least six hours of running time with stories which link to Alien without just being awkward connect the dot tales.

Scott also had some more to say about Covenant: "So I’m now going to the next one, which is the next evolution directly connected with the first one. We’ll kind of pick it up there, with Michael Fassbender in pieces, and it will evolve..."

He also confirmed that Noomi Rapace will have some limited screen time but mostly it will be about a new crew, of the supposedly doomed spaceship Covenant. We're going to go ahead and guess that Rapace dies horribly, or maybe a lot of time has passed and Fassbender's David is just hanging around as a disembodied head.

Either way, these films are happening and Ridley Scott doesn't even care if you want them.

Alien Covenant will be along in 2017.

There`s a new Alien trilogy on the way on
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