There's a Trolls musical movie with Anna Kendrick coming


There's a Trolls musical movie with Anna Kendrick coming

Hey remember Troll dolls? Of course you do - they were the little plastic things with the big noses and the really long hair that inevitably hung around the corners of your bedroom if you were even alive in the 90s. Well they're back... for some reason.

Dreamworks Animation is putting together a super massive movie musical starring the Trolls and releasing it in space year 2016, because we're just suckers for nostalia. And the cast is a mixture of interesting, awkward and who-the-hell-are-they-please. Let's start with the good stuff - Anna Kendrick everybody!

Who doesn't love Anna Kendrick - she's cute and funny and says really (really) innapropriate things on Twitter. And she's got serious pipes too, which she'll get to show off once again after Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods.

Another person who is pretty famous is Justin Timberlake and he's going to also be in this Trolls movie. In fact, he's writing the songs and playing the part of this frowny character.

Kendrick will be reteaming with an Into the Woods alum in James Corden and fellow Brit Russell Brand is also in the mix. We've seen them both sing before and would prefer that it doesn't happen again. Gwen Stefani will play DJ Suki and some folks called Icona Pop are the Fashionistas... We're getting into unknown territory here and Ronald Funches definitely fits that bill.

Oh look, it's Raj from The Big Bang Theory - finally someone we recognise!

So this is definitely happening, there's a Trolls movie in cinemas in November 2016.


There`s a Trolls musical movie with Anna Kendrick coming on
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