They're making a Stan Lee action movie for some reason


They're making a Stan Lee action movie for some reason

This is a weird one - 20th Century Fox has bought the rights to the life story of the rather great Stan Lee. But instead of producing a biopic about the history of Marvel comics' biggest name, they're doing something rather different- an action adventure film described as something like The Kingsmen...

Ok... so it will see a younger (presumably!) version of the real-life person getting involved in scrapes while also (presumably!) managing to find the time to invent heroes like Spider-Man, The X-Men and Doctor Strange.

How that's going to work remains to be seen but right now it all sounds like a terrible idea. People have a lot of fondness for Lee but taking his story and creating an action film doesn't make a lot of sense. How do you even go about casting this, finding an actor who can convince as the real life and fictional version of the actual legend.

We're going to go ahead and guess right now that this is going to remain unmade for a good long time, and that's probably for the best.

The next time we see Stan Lee will likely be in cameo form in the upcoming Doctor Strange, and it has been confirmed he's filmed at least two more appearances, likely for the two parter Avengers Infinity War films.

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