This iconic Rocky scene is really weird without music


This iconic Rocky scene is really weird without music

Rocky is pretty great - a rousing sports movie with a true underdog tale and the kind of ending that you're really not expecting.

It also features some tip top fights and a few killer montages, with the crowning achivement by director John G. Avildsen probably being the moment Sylvester Stallon's Rocky Balboa mounts the steps in Philly for his own moment of triumph. But what was that moment like from Rocky's perspective, without the benefit of so much as an iPod? Well you can get an idea with this new video which removes the thundering score by Bill Conti.

It's all pretty daft - why is Rocky doing some Irish dancing at the top of some steps? Maybe he's already been punched in the head one time too many. For contrast, here's the scene in the 1976 film which went on to win Best Picture. Against Taxi Driver. Yes for reals.

Ok, it's a bit silly in the original as well. Why are we writing about Rocky anyhow? Well there's a whole new movie coming out soon, and it's a spin off from the main stories which focusses on the son of Apollo Creed, played by Michael B Jordan. The film is directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) and also sees Stallone returning as Rocky. And it's an extremely entertaining number.

Creed is in cinemas on the 15th of January 2016.

This iconic Rocky scene is really weird without music on
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