Tom Hardy is in Star Wars Episode VIII!


Tom Hardy is in Star Wars Episode VIII!

Star Wars Episode VIII isn't due to release until the end of 2017 but after the blockbuster success of The Force Awakens fans around the world are already looking forward to it with great anticipation.

And there's more reason to be excited today as it has been all but confirmed that British actor Tom Hardy will be appearing in the film!

Now it seems the star, who recently appeared as Mad Max in Fury Road, won't have a big role in the film with the part a fairly minor cameo - somewhat along the lines of the one which Daniel Craig filmed for The Force Awakens.

There had been rumours about the actor's involvement over the last few weeks, with the film currently in production under new director Rian Johnson (Looper).

The nature of his cameo has also been revealed and you can read a breakdown of it over on Making Star Wars. It's a spoiler so you have been warned but the scene sounds like a lot of fun. Click here to read about it.

In some ways it's a shame to hear about these things so early but it's the nature of making a film with this much attention on its every frame.

Johnson will release Episode VIII in time for Christmas 2017.

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