Tom Hardy plays both Kray twins in first Legend trailer


Tom Hardy plays both Kray twins in first Legend trailer

Tom Hardy is a commanding screen presence so it stands to reason that some studio executive has pondered in the past about the effect of having double the Hardy on screen. And now you can see what that looks like.

Hardy plays both Ronald and Reginald in this new film based on the life of the Kray Twins - notorious English gangsters who operated in the east end of London in the 50s and 60s. It comes from writer/director Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential, Payback) and was adapted from the book The Profession of Violence by John Pearson.

But it's really all about the Hardy's, with both performances brought together on screen through some cinema magic. Here's a taste from the teaser trailer.

It's looking like another hulking and muscular performance from Hardy, certainly on the part of brother Ronald who was the more violent of the two. But the film is said to focus more on Reginald and his attempt to keep his siblings psychotic tendancies in check. We'll see his relationship with wife Frances Shea (Emily Browning) and get a different perspective on the story.

There are definitely some special effects seams which still need to be sewn up - it looks like Hardy's face on the left is floating on a body double at 1.06 - but we're willing to bet that Hardy will make this well worth a watch.

Legend is set for release in September 2015.

Oh and for a different take on similar material, check out the ridiculous trailer for the actually decent The Krays

Tom Hardy plays both Kray twins in first Legend trailer on
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