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Some misguided people think the Super Bowl is actually about football. Here at Click, we call that stuff and nonsense, it’s really just a multimillion dollar frame to unleash some of the most anticipated trailers of the year. And watch Beyonce do her thing…

And Super Bowl XLVII certainly delivered on this promise, serving up suitably epically pitched promos for every cinematic delight we can expect for the coming six months. Understandably, some titles have us more excited than others, so we’ve come up with the top 5 trailer from the Bowl below. Oh and for the record the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. Yay sportsteam…

5. Oz The Great and Powerful
We’ve already seen some footage from Sam Raimi’s take on L. Frank Baum’s classic universe and it looks like it might be a surprisingly dark and visually stunning affair, complete with some actual twists courtesy of a clever prequel setting. The only reason its low down the pecking order is that there’s little new to see in this spot. Plus we’re still not sure that we want to spend two hours in Oz with a grinning James Franco.

In cinemas from the 8th of March.

4. Star Trek Into Darkness
With J.J. Abrams about to decamp to Star Wars, we’re willing to bet this will the last time he helms a Trek picture. While the first film has its own silly charm, Into Darkness looks like a fittingly more grim tale, and we can’t wait to find out what the deal is with Benedict Cumberbatch’s enigmatic character. There’s some new footage here, chiefly yet more shots of a battered Enterprise which seems to be going down in a highly populated area. Should have had Denzel at the helm. Check out the spot.

In cinemas from the 17th of May.

3. Iron Man 3
One thing we like about Iron Man 3 - it doesn’t feel the need for a ridiculously drawn out subtitle. It’s the third film, we don’t need anything more. We’re also heartened by the presence of the genuinely funny and talented Shane Black taking on both writing and directing duties. Sorry Jon Favreau but you kind of screwed up the second entry. Iron Man 3 has also toed the line pretty well between revealing a ton of plot and giving us plenty of new material to look at and the same continues here, with the spot containing almost entirely new footage. And you have to appreciate that there’s a hint of genius to the second, extended promo which you’ll also find below.

In cinemas from the 26th of April.

2. The Lone Ranger
In all probability, Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer’s The Lone Ranger is going to be a bit of a mess - after a long drawn out production, massive cost cutting and the excision of what sounded like some damn good werewolves. But we’re judging trailers alone here and the film has style and spectacle to spare, all set in the kind of fantastical Western world you just know Verbinski has always wanted to play in. One potential pitfall is the mix between action and humour, which you’ll get a hint of here. Play it too silly and you run the risk of heading into slapstick territory and spoiling all that spectacular good will. But if you’re looking for slo-mo bullet throwing and 3D in your face bravura, you’ll want to be ready for the Ranger.

In cinemas from the 3rd of July.

1. Fast & Furious 6
It was always going to come to this. After the surprisingly superb Fast Five, which somehow managed to be the best action film of 2011, we simply can’t wait for the latest entry in the increasingly entertaining series. Once more directed by Justin Lin and taking the action to Europe, the gang is all back for the sixth entry, even characters we rightly believed were dead. This is our first look at the film in motion and it looks totally mental. Not content to feature a highway chase with a tank, F&F6 will also see Toretto and his gang playing some serious chicken with a goddamn jet. Just this glimpse gives us serious thrills. Does the series still have way too many characters? Yes. Do we need the continuing references to street racing and randomly dancing girls? No. Will be still be first in line for Diesel, Walker and Johnson’s latest? Hell yes!

In cinemas from the 24th of May.

That’s our pick of the biggest and best from the Super Bowl 2013. In the interest of completeness, a new spot for World War Z was also shown and wasn’t included above for a number of reasons. Mainly it’s a particularly uninspiring promo and we couldn’t be less interested in the film itself. If you remain curious about the blockbuster adaptation of Max Brook’s novel, you can watch the video below.

Which of these films are you most looking forward to?

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