Trailer - Don't Breathe looks like a chilling thriller


Trailer - Don't Breathe looks like a chilling thriller

That Evil Dead remake from a couple of years back may not have been an unqualified success but it definitely showed that director Fede Alvarez had potential.

Now we're getting to see where that goes with a new film called Don't Breathe. And it might just have the best horror trailer in ages.

That's one killer concept - a gang of thieves who have the tabled turned when their victim turns out to be more than a little deadly himself. It also makes for plenty of set pieces using audio as a way to up the tension.

With only two survivors left quite quickly it's going to be tough to keep that level of stress sustained over a whole feature but we're going to go ahead and assume that a good part of the 88 minute running time is spent before this major robbery.

Early reviews out of SXSW were hugely positive and we can't wait to see this on the big screen, in the dark, with the screaming...

And yep, that's totally the guy from Avatar - Stephen Lang. He's cool.

Don't Breathe is in cinemas in September 2016.

Trailer - Don`t Breathe looks like a chilling thriller on
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